Selected Freelance Work

The Imperfect Host (VICE Sports)
A 6-part series about the intersection of City Hall Politics and sports money and how those impacted San Francisco’s homeless population during Super Bowl 50. I reported this story for about 6 weeks, including every day of Super Bowl Week.

“Eskimo Love” and Basketball: Two Native Alaskans Make the Long Trek to a Warriors Game (VICE Sports)
I met two Native Alaskans who took four airplanes to see the Golden State Warriors play the San Antonio Spurs at Oracle Arena in Oakland.

This Is My First Gun (Ratter)
California has more gun laws than any other state, and the best way to explore how they work, as it turns out, is to purchase a firearm. Ratter paid for the gun; I did the legwork, the paperwork, and the shooting.

I Got a Concealed Carry Permit I Can’t Even Use (VICE)
At the Crossroads of the West gun show held at the Cow Palace every couple months in San Francisco, you can get a concealed carry permit issued by the state of Utah. It’s good in a lot of states—but not California.

How to Cast Spells Using Emoji (Broadly)
Really: Send your friends spells to boost your effectiveness. Includes notes on ethics.

Honoring the Dark Goddess in an Airport Conference Hotel (Broadly)
At Pantheacon, a large gathering of all kinds of witches and pagans, ritualists create deep magic in a chaotic milieu, surrounded by corporate furnishings. Here’s how they do it.

The Pagan Approach to #Blacklivesmatter Involves Carefully Crafted Hexes (Atlas Obscura)
What is Pantheacon? In this visit, we meet some witches who use social justice in their practice at the largest annual convention of witches and pagans in the United States.