More Writing


Three Poems about Mr. Bunny (Unshod Quills)
My parents like these even though I swear in them

Three Poems (Exquisite Corpse, circa 1999)
“The Thing about the Thing about Love,” “Avalanches,” and “Terrible Urgency”

Two Poems (Eleven Eleven Magazine)
“Captain O” and “Sonnet to an Autoclave”

Four Tanka (Inner Art Journal)
Borrowing a Japanese form to write about how growing up in the Appalachians doesn’t prepare one for California plant life

Poetry in Print

Sorry, We’re Close (Manic D Press)

Anthologies: Pushcart Prize Winners XXIII, Coffeehouse Poetry Anthology (Bottom Dog Press), American Poetry: The Next Generation (CMU Press), A Gathering of the Tribes 10th Anniversary Issue


Halloween Is for Dead People (Ratter)
Why do we buy dancing skeletons and glow-in-the-dark ghosts at Walgreens for Halloween?

More than One Vote (I Voted, 2000, a project of The Fray)
An essay about voting on conscience and principles, and how that may only be possible in local elections. This mostly holds up 16 years later, although I’m more aware of the continued and intense continuum of oppression in our society now than I was then.

Behind the Bar (The Fray)
A little memoir about tending bar in a place in Iowa City that was basically a living room for depressed, working-class alcoholics.

Abridged Virgin (The Fray)
A retelling of the night a young lady (me) decided it was time to go ahead and fuck for the first time. This story also appears in my poetry book, Sorry, We’re Close.

Flash Fiction 

The Smartest Common Housefly in the World (Mash Stories)
300 words using the keywords Halloween, common, and missile