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Three new stories posted this week: Witchcraft, Guns, and Basketball

This past week brought publication of one of each of my three apparent, unexpected specialties: Sports, Guns, and Witchcraft.


Eskimo Love
Ernestine and Shannon Andrew hold up their signs outside Oracle Arena in Oakland
It was a joy getting to know Ernestine and Shannon Andrew, who I met in line to see my first NBA game, and hers. They took four planes to get to Oakland for the game.


(Paper) human targets
Paper targets are cheaper at the gun show
I went to a gun show at the Cow Palace, where you can take a class and get a concealed gun permit issued by the state of Utah, which grants you no rights in California. Why does such a thing happen? I found out.


3 witches around a cauldron
Sometimes real witches do look like Macbeth’s witches
Another dispatch from Pantheacon, in which I interview three witches steeped in ritual practices about what it’s like to create deep magic in the chaotic milieu of a huge convention in a corporate environment.